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in today's technological sophistication, of course we are all familiar with AI / artificial intelligence right? that's why we are here to create AI to work in our blockchain network, are u guys curious how AI in blockchain can do the job as well?

not easy for me, but it's too difficult for my opinion. So How does it work?

1st explanation, blockchain is encrypted data ,so Our task is to create a smart network within our own blockchain so that's possible for us to create a network that can reclaim by it self and indirectly limit or even eliminate attempts by hackers to enter our network.

Quittence Network blockchain security service

indirectly limit or even eliminate attempts by hackers to enter our network.

Quittence Network Exchange

facilitate trading with many superior features and guarantee the security of the wallet.

Quittence Launchpad

create your own token and launch within launchpad Quittence Network, (presale or fairlaunch) and lock liquidity within launchpad Quittence Network.

Quittence Network

Supply Allocation And Tokenomics

Social Crypto Asset

The highest appreciating asset class is cryptocurrency

Those that get in at the beginning profit the most.
“Elon Musk”

Still have questions?

Here are the most common.

Not really it’s a social experiment built on a decentralized network.

You should always consider cryptocurrency assets are volatile by nature.
They could always go to zero.

Again this is not an investment.Never use money you cannot afford to lose.

You must have no expectation of profit from the work of others.

There is no common enterprise, there shall be no expectation of efforts of a promoter or third party.
Users generate their own keys, no one else has keys to give them.


The Howey test
Wherever possible you agree there is no investment of money. Wherever possible you agree there is no common enterprise.

Cryptocurrencies are extremely volatile. Nearly every crypto currency drops 85% to 95% at some point. Some get back up and make new all time highs.

You are right to be skeptical, Do your own research all Tokens contain risk.

There is no human in charge, that is the beauty of code in Decentralized finance. No middlemen just you interacting with pure maths.

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